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About our Industrial Computers & Displays for Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industries

Our team at Daisy knows that equipment used in food and pharmaceutical processing must be highly sterile and reliable in any situation. With more than 30 years of manufacturing industrial computers for food industry applications, we understand the need for safe and dependable equipment that helps streamline your workflow by eliminating extra steps for your team.

Key Features

We manufacture one of the most comprehensive lineups of food and pharmaceutical industrial computers. Our systems are flexible and can easily be upgraded to meet the requirements of your application. Key features include:

  • Rugged enclosures that are built to withstand corrosive chemicals and other substances necessary to decontaminate equipment
  • FM-approved non-incendive technology that meets Class I, II and III, Division 2, Group A-D, F&G and other requirements for hazardous area safety
  • Flat panel technology that reduces power requirements, shrinks your footprint and eliminates the need for external cooling systems
  • High-contrast, on-screen displays that can be easily seen in a wide range of light conditions
  • Up to 24″ display sizes to fit your GUI software
  • Chemical-resistant safety glass to protect sensitive components
  • Optional KVM extender systems that allow computer components to be installed up to 32,000 feet away from the input terminal

No matter what the job requires, you can count on Daisy for pharma and food processing computers that are built to the highest standards possible, while still remaining affordable enough for businesses with budgetary concerns.

All of our food and pharmaceutical industry PCs are assembled in our ISO 9001 registered facility, which means we adhere to a set of repeatable, verifiable processes to ensure superior quality control every time. Our products are rated and certified by Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) facilities, and backed by on-site warranty and service support from our nationwide team of technicians.

At Daisy Data Displays, we offer a wide variety of industrial computers and repair services for your needs. For more information about our food processing monitors and computers, or to request a quote, contact the Daisy sales team today!

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