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Industrial Computers, Displays and Accessories

We work closely with customers to identify the best industrial computing solution for their needs – ranging from rugged computers to displays to keyboards and even purge controls. You will find a range of products including commercial off the shelf and custom options.

To learn more, call us at (717) 932-9999 or email us at info@daisydata.com.

Custom Rugged Computers / PCs

Industrial Computers and PCs

Our industrial computers and PCs offer speed, durability, efficiency and reliability. With a durable design that meets military and hazardous location certifications and standards, these ruggedized computers endure the most difficult environments – from harsh chemicals to intense drops and pelts.

Industrial Monitors and Displays

Our industrial monitors are designed to perform in the most hazardous locations. After undergoing meticulous testing, these rugged displays meet and exceed military standards to perform in extreme conditions ranging from military applications to food processing with demanding wash-down applications. These high-resolution displays come in a variety of sizes and feature LCD technology for exceptional optical performance, especially in varying lighting conditions.

Industrial Monitors / Displays
Industrial & Military Keyboards

Rugged Keyboards

Daisy’s rugged keyboards are NEMA 4X or intrinsically safe for use in cleanrooms, hazardous locations, manufacturing facilities and other environments where consumer-grade products will not do.  We offer our rugged keyboards in desktop, panel mount and OEM designs with features like Elastomer or embossed Membrane keypads, and integrated trackballs.

Industrial Computer Accessories

With a host of available rugged computer accessories, you’re sure to have everything you need for your ruggedized industrial computer system. Daisy offers accessories, such as KVM extenders, cooling devices, conduit seal kits and air connection kits, bar code scanners, and a variety of mounting choices from pedestal and swing arm to bulkhead and wall mount.

Industrial Computer Accessories
Industrial Computer Accessories

Industrial Purge Controls

At Daisy, we have high-quality, FM-approved, Division 1 & 2 industrial purge controls with features like built-in vent valves, flow meters and pressure gauges, power and signal interlocks, and self-adjusting microprocessors with automatic self-diagnostics.

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