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About our Industrial Computers

Daisy Data Displays specializes in industrial computer systems that are tough enough to deliver reliable service in hazardous areas and extreme weather conditions. We offer an extensive line of value-priced industrial computers and monitors that meet the demands of the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food processing and other industries.

Our high-quality, rugged computers are suitable for use in Division 1, Division 2 and NEMA environments. They feature NEMA 4X enclosures that offer exceptional protection against the elements.

Hazardous-area Computer Classifications

In the United States and Canada, hazardous areas are ranked according to a class/division/group system:

  • Class addresses the general nature of the hazardous substances present in an enclosed area. Class 1 refers to flammable gasses and vapors, Class 2 to combustible dust and Class 3 to ignitable fibers.
  • Division classifications assess the likelihood of a hazardous material producing an explosive or ignitable mixture. Division 1 environments present a high probability of a dangerous reaction, whereas Division 2 environments have a lower probability.
  • Group ratings refer to the specific type of hazardous substance present. Groups A, B, C and D are for Class 1 gasses, while groups E, F and G are for Class 2 and 3 dust and fibers.

Clearly, you need different types of electronic components to meet the demands of these environments. Daisy manufactures a wide range of rugged hazardous-area computers and monitors. If you are unsure which machine is the best choice for your specific application, contact our office directly to speak with our sales team.

NEMA 4X Enclosures

Another way of determining the best computer for an industrial hazardous area is by looking at NEMA ratings. Equipment enclosures are rated independently on a scale published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), which assesses their ability to withstand harsh operating conditions. NEMA 4X rated industrial computers offer superior protection against dust, water and chemicals, making them suitable both for outdoor use and in facilities where harsh chemicals are used frequently.

Many of the top rugged computers on the market today are rated to NEMA 4X or higher standards. Check out our current inventory of quality industrial hazardous-area computers and other solutions today.

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