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About our NEMA Rated Industrial Products

For more than 30 years, Daisy has been a leading manufacturer of rugged computing systems capable of standing up to the demands of clients in a wide range of industries. For industrial use, including data input and process automation in busy manufacturing facilities, we offer a number of NEMA 1 industrial computers and displays — an internationally recognized standard for durability and ruggedness.

Below are industrial monitors that meet NEMA 1 requirements for indoor use. To learn more or inquire about our NEMA 1 industrial monitors, please contact us at Daisy directly.

What Is NEMA?

NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, an independent organization representing the interests of a wide range of businesses specializing in everything from medical devices to consumer electronics. The organization is committed to promoting safe design practices and enhancing the overall quality of electronics and related devices.

One way they do this is by publishing various enclosure design standards that provide an independent reference for the durability of a given product. When a device is manufactured to a given NEMA standard, it provides a clear, unbiased picture of its capabilities and potential applications.

What Is NEMA 1?

NEMA 1 is the organization’s most basic standard for enclosure durability. NEMA 1 industrial monitors and computers feature “enclosures constructed for indoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts and to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt).”

NEMA 1 monitors offer durability beyond that of consumer-grade electronics (which generally are not NEMA rated), though they are not suited for all-weather use or applications in which they could become wet or experience exposure to harsh chemicals.

Our Products

Our NEMA 1 industrial monitors and computers include the Rugged Military product lines — durable, rack-mountable equipment that features powder-coated, aircraft-grade aluminum bezel enclosures, impact-resistant polycarbonate viewing windows and optional features such as touch-screen connectivity, chemical-resistant safety glass and KVM extension systems for remote data input. Our products are used in manufacturing facilities, military applications and more.

For more rugged use, including indoor/outdoor applications, we also manufacture NEMA 4X monitors and workstations. Contact a sales representative directly to discuss your needs and let us match you with the right solution at an affordable price.

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