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About our Purge Controls

Purge controls serve an important function in any hazardous area. They quickly and efficiently fill a space with compressed air, or another inert gas, so that hazardous or combustible compounds are quickly forced out, creating a positive pressure inside the purged enclosure.

Daisy Data Displays, Inc. manufactures several hazardous-area purge systems that offer an economical solution for meeting your safety and regulatory compliance needs:

  • Type X purge controls: Type X purge control systems are for use in Class 1, Division 1 control rooms, where they reduce hazards to an unclassified level. Our Type X purge control systems boast many impressive features, including a purge time of less than one minute per cubic foot, a low internal operating pressure and a small overall footprint. Use our Type X hazardous-area purge control systems in enclosures ranging from 1 to 70 cubic feet in size. All systems contain everything required for immediate installation, including solenoids, an air-in gauge, a regulator, an outlet valve and a spark arrestor. X purge systems are fully automated; meaning the purged unit will automatically shut down if a positive pressure is lost inside the cabinet, preventing any sparks or explosions.
  • Type Y purge controls: Type Y purge control systems reduce the hazardous area classification of Class 1, Division 1 control rooms to Division 2. Y purge systems are a manual purge, often used with alarm boards to alert operators if purge has been lost inside the cabinet. All of our products are highly sophisticated and built for installation in today’s modern, advanced facilities. Give us a call today to learn more about your options or request a quote.
  • Type Z purge controls: Install a Type Z purge control system to reduce the classification of a Class 1, Division 2 control room to unclassified. Our products come pre-assembled to facilitate easy setup and installation in your facility. Key features include a low internal pressure, built-in vent valve, flow meter and pressure gauges, and an average purge time of less than two minutes per cubic foot. Use our Type Z purge controls in enclosures up to 50 cubic feet in size and add accessories such as a conduit seal kit, over-pressure relief valve and more for added convenience.

Not sure which hazardous-area purge control is right for you? We can help. Give the Daisy headquarters a call today for more information about our complete line of products.

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