Rigmate 4120 

Do you need a light and portable industrial computer that can provide reliable performance when you’re on the go, while still being tough enough to withstand the most challenging work environments? If so, you need to take a closer look at the Rigmate 4120 from Daisy Data Displays, Inc.

Weighing only 19 lbs. (25 lbs. for the larger unit), the Rigmate 4120 is easy to transport to, from and around your jobsites. You also get the benefit of a rugged aluminum and carbon fiber enclosure that is engineered to withstand high shock and vibration.

Standard Rigmate 4120 Features

The Rigmate 4120 includes an active matrix, transflective LED backlit, sunlight-readable 15” or 19” LCD panel featuring a shatterproof, easy-to-operate touch screen. This ensures optimal visibility in all types of lighting conditions. Specially designed aluminum fins enable efficient heat transfer and cooling to prevent failure due to excessive heat buildup. The built-in Wi-Fi antenna gives you the freedom to roam around your facility or jobsite while maintaining an internet connection.

Should you choose to stay in one location for an extended period of time, the VESA mounting pattern offers the flexibility to mount the unit in the most suitable manner.

The Rigmate 4120 is ATEX Zone 2 NI, EExnA IIC T4, EXII36 compatible, and is also built to com­ply with ATEX 94/9/EC, to ensure safety in your hazardous areas. Class 1, Division 2 approval is pending.

Optional Rigmate 4120 Features

You can also add a number of performance-enhancing options to your Rigmate 4120. These include the standard installation of your operating systems, the addition of AC or DC thermal electric heaters that permit safe, reliable operation in temperatures as low as -40°C, CPU, RAM and solid state storage upgrades and a battery power supply.

Contact Daisy Data Displays, Inc. to learn more about the Rigmate 4120 and to get a no-obligation quote today.

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  • NEMA 4X rugged aluminum and carbon fiber enclosure with special UV tolerant paint finish designed with your harshest environments in mind.
  • ATEX Zone 2 NI, EExnA IIC T4, EXII36, built to com­ply with ATEX 94/9/EC, to ensure safety in your hazardous areas. Class 1, Division 2 approval pending.
  • Portable, weighing only 19 lbs, yet rug­ged and durable for harsh environments.
  • Engineered to withstand high shock and vibration to survive your rig floor, ship, or truck mounted applications.
  • Active matrix, Transflective LED backlit sunlight readable 15″ or 19″ LCD panel with shatterproof touch screen provide ultimate user interface in all lighting conditions.
  • Aluminum fins for heat transfer and cooling.
  • Low power 1.91 GHz Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor allows a fanless design, fully config­ured with solid state storage, extensive list of I/O ports. This computer is designed to meet your demanding applications while operating at extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Rugged multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen provides you with the ultimate operator interface.
  • VESA mounting pattern give you the flexibility to choose the option that will best fit your mounting needs.
  • Wi-Fi antenna give you the freedom to be mobile and still connected to the internet.
  • CPU, RAM, and Solid State storage upgrades are available.
  • Standard installation of operating systems.
  • AC or DC thermo electric heaters available for -40°C operation.
  • Battery power supply.
4123 All-Weather Portable PC w/ AC Power Supply, 15″
4126 All-Weather Portable PC w/ AC Power Supply, 19″


Options and Accessories
231 Windows® 7 Pro 32-Bit
233 Glass-on-glass Resistive Touch Screens
240 Windows® 7 Pro 64-Bit
247B Adds i7 CPU with 16GB RAM
248 Battery Power
250 Moves Sealed Connectors to Bottom Gland Plate
451 Capacitive Touch Screens
796 AC Thermo Electric Heater w/ Thermostat Control
813 Change to 24VDC Power Input

Enclosure & Bezel

6061-T6 Aluminum & Carbon Fiber
Impact Resistant Projected Capacitive Touch Screen





12.75" Height (H)
16.50" Width (W1)
21.22" Width (W2)
2.25" Depth (D1)
3.85" Depth (D2)
9.11" Viewing Height (VH)
12.10"Viewing Width (VW)
19 lbs.
16.25" Height (H)
20.50" Width (W1)
25.22" Width (W2)
2.25" Depth (D1)
3.85" Depth (D2)
11.97" Viewing Height (VH)
14.88" Viewing Width (VW)
25 lbs.


Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature


MIS-D100 (100mm VESA Mounting Pattern)
-40° to +65°C (w/Heaters)
-20° to +65°C (w/o Heaters)
-20° to +75°C
IEC68 2-6
IEC68 2-27
60,000 hours


Power (Typical)

120/220 VAC or battery
50W (15")
100W w/ Heaters (15")
75W (19")
150W w/ Heaters (19")


Maximum Resolution
Viewing Angle (Typical HxV)

1024x768 (15")
80°x 80°x 80°x 60°
600 nits (15")
350 nits (19")



Projected Capacitive
Impact Resistant


Storage (Standard)
CPU (Standard)

SBC, Integrated Graphics, 10/100/1000 Mbps Network Interface
32GB Solid State Storage up to 8GB RAM
1.91 GHz Intel® ATOM™ Quad Core
*Contact your Daisy Data Displays representative for information on the latest CPU, memory, and hard drive options.



Sealed RJ-45 Connection
Sealed Power Entry
Sealed USB Connection (2)

Rigmate 4120 Series | All Weather Portable PC

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

PDF  4120 Spec Sheet