2570AE Series – Division 2 Hazardous Area Rack Mount Monitor

2570AE Series

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The 2570AE is an industrial rack-mount monitor from Daisy Data Displays, Inc. that is perfectly suited for a wide range of industrial applications. Designed to fit directly into a 19” chassis, this monitor features a full-color LCD view with On Screen Display (OSD) for contrast, color and other user-friendly adjustments.

The powder coated, aircraft-grade aluminum bezel and impact-resistant polycarbonate viewing window both help make this small, compact monitor rugged enough to withstand the most challenging work environments.


Overview of Standard 2750 AE Taskmate Features

The 2750AE gives you access to numerous standard features that optimize its functionality, durability and ease-of-use. Check out the top features of the Taskmate 2750 AE below:

  • Rugged Rack mount technology reduces power consumption, heat generation and space requirements for operator interface.
  • Powder coated aircraft grade aluminum bezel enclosure with 19″ display, suitable for your industrial applications and rugged conditions.
  • Designed to fit directly into your 19″ rack mount chassis; Form, fit and function compatible with other manufacturers’ products.
  • Integrated power supply 110/220 VAC.
  • Display features On Screen Display (OSD) for contrast, color balance and other adjustments.
  • Viewing cone up to 170°, resolution up to 1280×1024, up to 350 nits standard brightness to fit your viewing needs.
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate viewing window.
  • Removable rear access for easy maintenance.

Customize Your Taskmate 2750AE by Selecting from a Wide Assortment of Options

The Taskmate 2750AE gives you the flexibility to add optional features to customize its performance and safety. A KVM extender is available that will enable you to keep your PC out of harm’s way. You’ll be able to achieve separation between the local and remote so you can place your monitor on the plant floor and your PC in a secure area. Including a touch screen display will enhance the user interface and increase the operating efficiency.

What’s more, you can choose a safety glass display to protect against hazardous chemical splashes and spills.

Learn more about the many advantages of making the Taskmate 2750AE a part of your industrial computing equipment inventory. Contact Daisy Data Displays, Inc. for additional information and to request a free quote today.

  • Keyboard/Video/Mouse Extender Systems, up to 32,000 feet of separation between local and remote which enables you to keep your PC safe and off the plant floor.
  • Touch Screens provide you with the ultimate operator interface.
  • Safety glass for improved chemical resistance.
2576AE Rugged, Rack Mount Monitor, 19″


Options and Accessories
233 Glass-on-glass Resistive Touch Screens
304 Safety Glass
399 Resistive Touch Screens
451 Capacitive Touch Screens
5509AC Keyboard/Video/Mouse Extender System
5511 Black Box Keyboard/Video/Mouse Extender System
5529 Fiber Optic Keyboard/Video/Mouse Extender System
5539 Black Box USB Keyboard/Video/Mouse Extender System
585 Wall Mount Brackets
718 Night Vision Filter
776 Multi-Touch Projected Capacitve, Touch Screens (15″&19″)
796 Thermo Electric Heater
801 Sunlight Readable Displays

Powder Coated Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Polycarbonate Standard
19" Rack Mount



15.72" Height (H1)
15.28" Height (H2)
19.00" Width (W1)
17.50" Width (W2)
4.15" Depth (D)
25 lbs.

Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

LVD Directive
32° to 104° F
-4° to 140° F

Power (Typical)

120 VAC, 60 Hz
60W (19")

Maximum Resolution
Viewing Angle (Typical HxV)
Brightness (Standard)

250 nits

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

PDF  2570AE Spec Sheets